Why Vythirihills?

Only Vythirihills will provide you Chembravalley Package

Trekking about three km interior forest. Walking in between gigantic trees is an odd experience only available at Chembravalley. The area fully surrounded by sky touching mountains, every visitor will be wondered about such a place in Wayanad. The valley with rare specious of flies and birds.
Enjoying the River Bunk at the Chembravalley is also an odd experience never available other than at Vythirihills .The Breath arresting scenery of Chembra Falls is also ever memorable. Vythirihills will provide Chembravalley Package without any restriction of Authorities.
Wayand is irresistible and simply amazing. One of the places in India where pollution is unheard of, this pristine area offers the best experience. The team of Vythirihills ensures personal attention to every individual visiting them. Their remarkable diligence warrants topnotch experience, each time, every time. The place where nature is offered with warmth, without adulteration, customers are provided the best-purest water, air and gastronomic delights. The team here offers an excellent range of cuisines to suit the palates of distinctive people

Vythirihills Specialties

Vythiri is the place that always embraces one with open arms. This small town or Taluk in Wayanad offers an array of places that calms the mind and soothes the heart. Vythirihills Nature Resort team offers excellent packages at 10% discount to view and enjoy trips to these fantastic places listed below.

Vythirihills, as name shows, a natural resort set up at the valley of the highest peak of Wayanad. In modern world people are thinking about position, possessed things, and achievements. He is neither bothered, about peace, health and freedom from tension nor rest and relaxation.

The settings of the resort is made 100% eco cordial, no harmful intervention into the Nature was occurred even during the construction also.

We are providing training to acclimatize with nature during the days stayed here. Many of our Guests experienced freedom from tension, due to the service of our staff.

We are providing

  • Spa for physical fitness.
  • Counseling for getting mental relaxation
  • Plantation Walk to enjoy with non-polluted, natural atmosphere
  • Enjoy at stream for physical relaxation
  • Swimming pool for family enjoyment
  • Camp fire for Group gathering
  • Delicious, but mouthwatering food items for better health
  • Yoga to recover from stress

Our slogan is, to cordial with Nature, Don’t struggle with it.